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Empowering eCommerce with Acumatica


eCommerce businesses often deal with large volumes of inventory, multiple warehouses, and diverse product lines, which can make inventory management complex. Acumatica's eCommerce Edition simplifies inventory management for eCommerce businesses, providing real-time visibility, automated tracking, and streamlined control processes.


We strive to enable eCommerce businesses to effectively manage the unique challenges of e-commerce fulfillment. By providing streamlined order processing, efficient inventory management, and seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, our solution helps businesses optimize workflows, reduce costs, and ensure timely delivery. Acumatica eCommerce Edition empowers businesses to conquer e-commerce fulfillment hurdles, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver a superior customer experience in the online marketplace.


The retail industry is highly competitive, and eCommerce businesses face constant pressure to offer competitive pricing while maintaining profitability. Pricing challenges may arise from factors such as fluctuating costs of goods, increasing labor costs, and changing market dynamics. Finding the right balance between competitive pricing and profitability can be a significant challenge for eCommerce businesses, requiring pricing strategies, cost optimization, and market analysis to stay competitive in the ever-changing retail landscape.


Simplify your eCommerce operations with Acumatica eCommerce Edition.

Streamline your processes with Acumatica eCommerce Edition through simplified inventory management, order processing, and warehouse management. Optimize your operations and unlock the full potential of your eCommerce business with features such as advanced inventory management, automated replenishment, and demand forecasting.

Real-time visibility for informed decision-making.

Gain real-time visibility into inventory levels, order statuses, and costs with Acumatica eCommerce Edition. Access accurate and up-to-date information for informed decision-making, enabling you to optimize your operations, proactively manage inventory levels, and confidently respond to changing market demands.


Advanced reporting and analytics.

Make data-driven decisions with Acumatica eCommerce Edition's advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. Gain deep insights into your sales, inventory, and financials with customizable dashboards, real-time reporting, and powerful analytics tools. Identify trends, spot opportunities, and optimize your operations with data-backed intelligence.


Seamless integration for a unified system.

Eliminate disconnected systems that can hinder your retail-commerce operations with Acumatica eCommerce Edition's seamless integration with other modules of Acumatica ERP. Achieve a unified system for all your business processes, from finance and accounting to inventory management and order fulfillment, enabling you to streamline your operations, eliminate data silos, and improve overall efficiency.


Robust budgeting and cost management features.

Effectively manage costs, plan budgets, and avoid unexpected surprises with Acumatica eCommerce Edition's robust cost-tracking and budgeting features. Navigate the complexities of budgeting and cost management in the retail-commerce industry with ease, ensuring that your operations stay on track, margins are optimized, and profitability is maximized.

Integrated CRM for enhanced customer relationship management.

Efficiently manage your customer relationships with Acumatica eCommerce Edition's integrated CRM features. Consolidate customer data, track interactions, and manage leads, quotes, and orders from within your ERP system. Improve customer satisfaction, increase sales opportunities, and streamline your sales processes for improved revenue growth.

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Pre-built integrations.

Acumatica eCommerce Edition offers pre-built integrations with top eCommerce platforms like Amazon, BigCommerce, and Shopify, enabling you to seamlessly connect your storefront and back office. With a bi-directional, real-time connection that keeps everything up to date across your operation, our solution provides a true omnichannel platform and an open architecture that adapts to changing business requirements.


Partner with Stellar One for innovative processes and cutting-edge solutions. 

Experience the power of Acumatica eCommerce Edition and Stellar One in empowering your eCommerce operations with innovative processes and cutting-edge solutions. Collaborate with Stellar One today and elevate your Retail-Commerce operations to new heights of efficiency, profitability, and success. Say farewell to complexities, disconnected systems, and inefficient processes, and unlock the full potential of your operations with our comprehensive solution.

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