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ERP - it's not rocket science.

Buying and deploying ERP to run your business should be frictionless.


Find the solution that fits your business:

We're changing the way you buy, implement, and run your ERP:

Work with ERP experts, not salespeople    

We don't have commission-driven salespeople persuading you to buy software that may not fit your business.  Our ERP specialists ensure you make the right choice for your business and overcome challenges with tailored technology solutions.

Streamline your selection process    

Skip time-consuming sales activities that fail to prove the system's compatibility with your business, saving valuable time and resources.  Embark on a hands-on journey with Stellar One as your co-pilot, and gain a jumpstart on your implementation.

Make a confident decision

Test launch your new system and this partnership before committing financially.  This empowers you to move forward confidently, knowing it's the right decision for your business.

Obtain price transparency    

Get a clear view of your price upfront to avoid unexpected surprises in the future.  Utilize our pricing calculator to determine the cost of software, implementation and support tailored to your business needs and scope.

Implement at a fixed price    

With our Fixed-Price Promise, we don't sell billable hours, we deliver value.  The price you see on our pricing calculator and your proposal is what you pay for your implementation project.

Activate a 5-year price lock

Achieve peace of mind with our 5-year price lock, even though your commitment is for 1 year at a time.  Stellar One guarantees the price of your software and support will not increase for 5 consecutive years, enabling accurate technology spend forecasts, free from inflation worries.

Jumpstart your implementation risk-free

Start your risk-free implementation journey now with a 2-4 week guided hands-on experience. During this period, you will see your business in action using your own data while trying out the software and services before making a financial commitment. Our experienced team follows an iterative approach that ensures seamless continuity if you decide to proceed.

Agile approach 

Stay weeks (if not months) ahead of a traditional selection process, as you seamlessly transition from the jumpstart iteration to the next phases of our rapid prototyping methodology.  With a series of agile iterations, we tailor your solution to meet your specific requirements, accelerating your team's learning curve for a successful business launch.

Achieve your mission

Streamline your business operations by using your ERP system as your Mission Control Center, enabling you to achieve your company's mission. Stellar One's Mission Support team and designated Account Manager will help you accelerate your trajectory and unlock the system's full potential to help your business grow.



"The shift to Acumatica has boosted office morale and productivity by a substantial percentage."

Jamilyn Beekley

Ready to lift off?

Head to our Risk-Free Implementation Jumpstart page, answer a few simple questions, and our team will be in touch within one business day! Embark on a journey that will revolutionize your business and launch you into a world of unlimited possibilities. 

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